T.A.O. Kickboxing Training

Our Kickboxing Team has joined WAKO (World Associations of Kickboxing Organizations) which means our members can attend training camps, national, international competitions and have belts. During the sessions we have strength, cardio, boxing, kickboxing trainings by padwork, boxing bags. It is possible to do light sparring as well with special protectors. If you would like to exercise a bit after your work or improve your fitness level join us now. You need to bring comfortable trousers, t-shirt, jumper, bottle of water and your own boxing gloves. All of the sport equipmentsare available by the gym.

​The sessions are held on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17:30 to 19:00 in Bd Clovis 3, 1000, Brussels.

Monthly ticket is 80 € or one session is 15 €

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