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Do I really know what my purpose is? Do I know what I want to achieve in sport? Is losing weight difficult? Have I encountered obstacles in sports? Is my development stalled? If you are a little unsure, another opportunity starts from September 2022, with which we can train not only your physical but also your mental skills. You can also sign up for a psychology-based Sport Coaching consultation to overcome your obstacles even more effectively and achieve real performance. The sports coaching consultation is combined with an assessment and training program using AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) technology, which provides additional help in development

AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) Technology

​A system developed by Dave Siever that works with the effects achieved by stimulating brain waves. It has a scientifically based background that has been shown to improve with the following problems: anxiety, ADHD, sleep disturbance, stress, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease. It also showed significant progress in education and training, just as in the field of sports. The AVS brain trainer (DAVID Delight Pro) is equipped with a visual and an audio system that transmits light and sound pulses to the eye and ear at a specified frequency. Stimuli cause positive changes in brain function through neuronal connections and the hormonal system. We are in contact with the Bioptima Brain Trainer Center in Hungary. More information is available at


​• Single Personal Training session: 50 Euros

• Single Online Personal Training session: 30 Euros

• Single Shared Personal Training session: 40 Euros per person

• Single Sport Coaching session: 50 Euros

• 8 session Personal Training pass: 350 Euros

• 8 session Online Personal Training pass: 210 Euros

• 8 session Shared Personal Training pass: 280 Euros per person

• 8 session Sport Coaching pass: 350 Euros

​• 8+4 PT pass: the price of 8 session personal training and 4 session sport coaching
consultations is 500 Euros, which includes a free training session and a consultation

• 8+Diet plan pass: price of the meal plan compiled for 8 session personal training: 550 Euros

• The 8+4+Diet plan pass: price of the 8 session personal training, 4 session sport coaching
consultations and the personalized diet plan is 700 Euros, which includes a free training
session and a consultation

• 8 coaching+Diet plan pass: if someone wants to fix their diet and achieve some regularity in
their life, then we recommend this pass, the price of which is: 500 Euros

• Rent of private training room: 10 Euros per session

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