Team-Building Survival Training

Team building trainings have been used for decades by companies, with success and great effectiveness. Team building concentrates on improving both the person itself and also the team. Thanks to fun exercises and innovative techniques they do during the training, the participants can not only learn how they could communicate and work with each other more effectively, but they also get help on how to improve their teamwork. This kind of training is based on military preparatory training. Few people know that the army was a volunteer to prepare a group of people into a co-operative team. Military corps has several features that are absolutely necessary in business, too. Such as: disciplined team work, well-established roles within the team, doing tasks precisely, project planning, strategic thinking and adaptability.

The aim of this training is that participants can practice effective team work. The members of the team have the chance to determine their own strategy and choose the right person for the right role. Since it is a military team building training, the participants will use weapons, although the weapons only play a secondary role during the training. Our trainers are ex-military and close protection officers who have taken part in several missions before, so the military training is as lifelike as possible.

What Segments Do We Focus on?
  • Conformity
  •  Strengthening Team Cohesion and Trust
  • Making Adequate Decisions
  • Cooperating
  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Self-confidence and Motivation
  • Self-knowledge
  • Problem-solving
  • Strategy Plan
  • Stress-handling
  • Personal Development
  • Altering Management
  • Leader Skill Management
What Does the Trainer Do?

The trainer moderates. This means that the trainer helps the participants to share their experiences with each other. The trainer also shows the participants how to use their fresh experiences in their workplaces. It is possible, because we focus on developing those essential practical skills the participants need while working.

It is worth it because…
  • …a well-functioning team has more power.
  • …the company can grow more rapidly if the employees are motivated and working happily.
  • …if it were not for the knowledge of the group dynamics, you could not create positive atmosphere in the workplace. Moreover, group dynamics skills can support effective communication, too. 


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