Tactical Self Protection Course – Individual Premium Course

Basic conditions
  1. Customized physical training: a training program based on the individual physical abilities of the person, training according to his condition. A technical repertoire developed taking into account basic movement coordination. Surveys carried out by physical tests.
  2. Tailored mental training: mental preparation tailored to the response to different forms of movement. Surveys conducted with tests.
  3. Relieving mental blocks through Coaching and Neurotechnology.
  4. The most effective Complex Tactical Self Protection System based on the above-mentioned physical and mental abilities. Situational exercises.
  5. 12 Basics Tactical Self Protection Area:
  • Psychological training.
  • Basic punches, kicks, defences.
  • Grabs and counterattacks.
  • Defence on ground.
  • Protection against chokes.
  • Defence against multiple attackers.
  • Defence against an attacker with a knife, hostage situations.
  • Defence against stick attack
  • Defence against an armed attacker, hostage situations.
  • Use of emergency tools and weapons.
  • Third Party Protection.
  • Protection in case of attack in or next to a vehicle.

Duration: 14-16 weeks
Price: 1200 EUR



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