Tactical Self-Defense Training

Urban Survival/Tactical Self Protection Courses begin by 12 hour practical and theoretical method.
Nowadays people pay less attention to learning self-defence techniques. Since humans exist, self protection was priority in one’s everyday life. Today it’s exactly the same, the danger is still lurking everywhere, even though we live in a safe city where the protection of citizens is organised by police. So we cannot leave this issue, saying it’s never going to happen to me. Check the daily news. Also many other issues are not in the news. Many people cannot participate regularly in self-defence courses due to lack of time. So in our courses the most effective and realistic elements are the most important strategy. You will get a useful knowledge through situational exercises, tests & analysis that you can use anywhere and anytime in case of an emergency. We work in small groups in order to distribute knowledge effectively. The plan is 3 hour theory, 9 hour practice in a course.
Type of the courses:

​1. Unarmed self protection course 1 and 2: threat, robbery, verbal and physical attacks
2. Anti armed attacker self protection course: knife threat, stick, broken glass attacks, gun threat
3. Anti multiple attacker self protection course: avoidance, tactical solutions
4. Urban survival course: survival strategies of different disasters
5. Female self protection course: anti rape tactics
6. Necessity tool use/self protection course: own equipment, stick use, found object use
7. Family and child protection: protection of family members, relatives and members of public
8. Anti kidnap course: avoidance and survival

​Courses do not build on each other but it’s better to participate in most of them. Courses can be ordered by groups. In case of groups minimum 4 participants/group => 180€/person.

Individual training: 60€/hour or 210€/month if you prefer to come once a week.

Courses are available for special lifestyle, work as well. For more information, please contact us.

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