Tactical Survival System

Tactical Survival System

Tactical Survival System has 4 levels which are built on each other. It means we cover all aspects of survival methods from basic skills like shelter building, fire lighting, water purifying, orientation etc. to high level techniques. The students can learn how to survive in different terrains and climates. The participants will take part in multi-days survival trainings and practice in live field training exercises.

  • Level 1: You can learn how to escape from unknown area back to civilization (1 day): shelter building, knot tying, fire lighting, water purifying, collecting, first aid, signs, psychology, navigation, orientation
  • Level 2: You can learn how to survive couple of days in the nature (2 days): use of level 1 skills, food preparation, traps, edible plants and animals, night orientation by 15 km walk. NO FOOD, NO TOOLS
  • Level 3: You can learn how to survive a long period in the nature /weeks, months/ (3 days): use of level 2 skills, water crossing, foot prints, camouflage, remedies, natural healing, prevention, 30 km walk. NO FOOD, NO TOOLS
  • Level 4: You can learn how to react and survive extreme situations by worst case /accidents, terrorist attacks/(2 days): earthquake, hurricane; flood, tsunami, avalanche, volcanic activity, transport accident, virus, biological accident, terrorist activity, hostage situation, urban survival.

Advanced Level Survival Courses:

  • Level 1: cold, icy, snowy terrain, mountains
  • Level 2: desert
  • Level 3: tropical area
  • Level 4: ocean
  • Level 5: urban survival courses

Learning useful surviving skills and techniques means students will be able to survive disasters and accidents and they will be able to help and protect their mates and give first aid if their mates are injured. Unfortunately, nowadays we often hear about accidents, mass disasters, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. It is worth learning what to do and how to react in situations like these. It’s also a fact that if we rediscover our connection to nature and try to understand how it works. If we try to conform to it rather than trying to destroy it, we can learn how to make advantages of nature.

Urban Survival Courses:

Nowadays, the armed terror attack is very common in cities all around the world. Our main courses are trained by defence against knife attackers during 3 different levels by 6 hours for each lesson. We also have training courses against different armed attack situations.

Courses, Team Building for Companies and Individuals

​We undertake Survival Courses, Team Buildings for organisations, companies and individuals over the dated programmes.

General  Information:

A course starts with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 15 participants.
1 person is a private client therefore courses are subject to a separate tariff. 50% of the fare for the course will be pre-payable as “deposit” in advance, up to 7 days prior to the course, by booking system. The course includes camping fee, the instruction fee, personal insurance, equipment for certain programs, taxes.
A shuttle service may also be required for group travel, the rate of which varies according to the distance of the trip, in addition to the fare for the course. Please indicate these needs in advance.
If the course is not being met as a result of events outside of the tour organiser’sinterests (e.g. bad weather, natural disaster, terrorism, war, life and physical integrity, situation, etc.), there is no compensation.
If the course is cancelled by the organiser’s fault, then the total amount will be refunded.
The courses are available for children as well, age groups: 6-12 years old and 13-17 years old.
There are at least one senior supervisor in the group of children on group course outside of the course guide, and parents may attend a preliminary meeting.


  • Basic level 1: 50 €
  • Level 2: 100 €
  • Level 3: 150 €
  • Level 4: 300 €
  • Full course from level 1 to 4 by 8 day training: 750 €
  • ​For individuals: 110 € per day
  • ​For Team Building: contact us for prices
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