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Fitness personal training is a one-to-pne session where we can achieve your goal by different kinds of trainings. This training is recommended for those who want to lose weight, strengthen muscles, improve their fitness level or sport activities by functional training. Boxing and kickboxing padwork trainings are available as well.

In addition, you can try the self-protection programme for men and women as well that includes tactics of avoidance, defence against single and multiple attackers also armed attackers. CLICK HERE for more information.

First we will have a FREE consultation in order to create and discuss your goal. You will get a personalized training plan. You can choose a place where you want to achieve your aim, for instance, gym, park or at home.

The training session lasts 1-hour, and you’ll need to book in advance.


​• Single Personal Training session: 50 Euros

• Single Online Personal Training session: 30 Euros

• Single Shared Personal Training session: 40 Euros per person

• Single Sport Coaching session: 50 Euros

• 8 session Personal Training pass: 350 Euros

• 8 session Online Personal Training pass: 210 Euros

• 8 session Shared Personal Training pass: 280 Euros per person

• 8 session Sport Coaching pass: 350 Euros

​• 8+4 PT pass: the price of 8 session personal training and 4 session sport coaching
consultations is 500 Euros, which includes a free training session and a consultation

• 8+Diet plan pass: price of the meal plan compiled for 8 session personal training: 550 Euros

• The 8+4+Diet plan pass: price of the 8 session personal training, 4 session sport coaching
consultations and the personalized diet plan is 700 Euros, which includes a free training
session and a consultation

• 8 coaching+Diet plan pass: if someone wants to fix their diet and achieve some regularity in
their life, then we recommend this pass, the price of which is: 500 Euros

• Rent of private training room: 10 Euros per session


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