Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training can help when distances are too big, or the schedules are too complicated and due to these problems face-to-face personal training is not available. Therefore it’s getting more popular among those who live a very busy life.

Benefits of Online Coaching:

  • Home training
  • Flexible schedule
  • Cost-efficient

What kind of goals can you achieve with it?

•Weight loss

•Muscle gain

•Development of stamina, strength

What you’ll need:

You need a fast internet connection, a webcamera and a skype app. In addition to a 2 square metre free space in your own house.

For more information, please contact us, we provide a 1-hour free consultation.


​• Single Personal Training session: 50 Euros

• Single Online Personal Training session: 30 Euros

• Single Shared Personal Training session: 40 Euros per person

• Single Sport Coaching session: 50 Euros

• 8 session Personal Training pass: 350 Euros

• 8 session Online Personal Training pass: 210 Euros

• 8 session Shared Personal Training pass: 280 Euros per person

• 8 session Sport Coaching pass: 350 Euros

​• 8+4 PT pass: the price of 8 session personal training and 4 session sport coaching
consultations is 500 Euros, which includes a free training session and a consultation

• 8+Diet plan pass: price of the meal plan compiled for 8 session personal training: 550 Euros

• The 8+4+Diet plan pass: price of the 8 session personal training, 4 session sport coaching
consultations and the personalized diet plan is 700 Euros, which includes a free training
session and a consultation

• 8 coaching+Diet plan pass: if someone wants to fix their diet and achieve some regularity in
their life, then we recommend this pass, the price of which is: 500 Euros

• Rent of private training room: 10 Euros per session



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