Beach Body Program

Getting ready for summer?

Want to walk on the beach looking better? Here’s your chance to take part in an 8-week intensive workout programme that includes personal training and a personalised diet. And you can take advantage of AVS (audio-visual stimulation) training too, which allows you to recover and improve faster.


What you can achieve in 8 weeks

  • fat reduction
  • toned muscles
  • firmer, more toned abs
  • better posture
  • better mobility

The programme includes

  • 3×1 hour intensive personal training sessions per week
  • Training plan for exercises to be done at home
  • Personalised, easy-to-follow diet
  • AVS technology after training to promote recovery
  • Total Price is 800€

For more information, please contact us, via the following contact details:

+32 486 676721




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